#contentologyFeb2021 #nicolamoras #crossroads Some crossroads are obvious, others less so. I know there have been some in my career, including the decision to ditch my thoughts of wanting to be an illustrator or to do graphic design when I was in high-school and head toward psychology, or decide that regardless of the competition I wasContinue reading “Crossroads”

What’s my life’s purpose?

#contentologyFeb2021 #nicolamoras #why #purpose #drive What keeps me going when things are difficult, when I’m tired andoverwhelmed? Why do I work as hard and as consistently as I do? Yes Ihave to remind myself at times…. For me, my work at Side by Side Psychology or in my online group work isfuelled by a passionContinue reading “What’s my life’s purpose?”

Who am I?

#contentologyFeb2021 #nicolamoras #whoami? For those that are new to following me, I thought it would be a good idea tolet you learn a bit about me. So my profession is a clinical psychologist, and I have a real passion workingwith autistic individuals (children, teens and adults). The longer I’ve beenworking in this space and listeningContinue reading “Who am I?”


#contentologyFeb2021#nicolamoras#Declarations I AM ONLY GOING TO SAY YES TO THINGS THAT ARE ALIGNED FOR ME AND THE GOALS I’VE SET. Making these kinds of declarations is a helpful way for me to stay on track and make sure my actions match my intentions. It helps me to be definite in what I want and knowContinue reading “Declarations”

First days of school

#contentology #appleVSpc First days.First days of school for a new year.First days for some beginning school for the first time.And whilst firsts can be exciting for some, for others there is moreanxiety and concern.These first days are filled with lots of unknowns and for lots of myclients and their families, there can be anxiety aboutContinue reading “First days of school”

Gratitude Journal

#contentology #journalling Writing is something that I used to do in a diary as a young child, as ateenager and as a parent. Each time the writing had a different purpose. Asa child, it was somewhere to share secrets or vent upset feelings, as a teenager, again a wonderful way of expressing strong emotion thatContinue reading “Gratitude Journal”