Who am I?




For those that are new to following me, I thought it would be a good idea to
let you learn a bit about me.

So my profession is a clinical psychologist, and I have a real passion working
with autistic individuals (children, teens and adults). The longer I’ve been
working in this space and listening to my clients, I’ve become more attuned
to the influence of positive psychology and the neurodiversity model.
I’ve been in private practice since about 2006 in some capacity, and have
been running my own private practice since 2012 and opened Side by Side
Psychology in 2018, with expanding to include my first team member, Zoe
last year. I’ve begun branching out into the online group coaching space in
2020 in an effort to support more families and parents this past year.
Private practice is wonderful for me because it allows me to be flexible
enough to be very present for my three daughters (8,11 and 13) in the way I
want to. I’ve been married for nearly 16 years and family is super important
to me. I’m from a big family myself (one of 6 kids) and am lucky that nearly
all my siblings live nearby. I love animals nearly as much as I love children
and am fortunate our first fur babies have been with us for 16 and 12 years

When not working, I’m a book lover and I also I really enjoy attending Body
Balance(TM) classes at my local gym, which is a yoga, Thai chi and Pilates
fusion. During last year’s lockdowns fell in love with bike riding with my girls
(when everything else was closed). I’ve also just learnt how to stand-up
paddle board and I love learning how to do new activities with my family.
Moving my body and feeling energised has been an important part of
maintaining good mental health and looking after myself and my family and
it’s something that I often remind myself about the importance of- as it has
such ongoing benefits.

So over to you, what’s something you’d like to share about yourself that has
helped you to keep caring for yourself or your family?

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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