Kate French

“Who is Kate and what is she all about?”

Kate works on being a leader in positive psychology practices for the neurodiverse community and those working in this field. Kate has been working as a Clinical Psychologist with individuals and families since 2004. She heads up a private psychology practice in Mildura, Australia, called Side by Side Psychology.

Kate focuses on positive psychology interventions that can assist individuals and professionals working within the autism space.

Kate seeks to share her knowledge and be accessible for all families and professionals who want to understand how to be optimistic in providing support for children, teens and adults. Whether this is for children and teens dealing with anxiety, understanding their differences and challenges, or for their parents and family members around them. Kate provides online and in-person interventions in this space.

Presenting, Mentoring and Online Programs

Kate is here to share the knowledge on how positive psychology can provide much to the autism community. That interventions can be more than symptom reduction, more than simply skills to fit into the community and more than reducing symptoms of mental ill health. That optimism as a mindset is as important to teach, as it is to embody.

Kate provides presentations, workshops, coaching and mentoring for parents, health professionals interested in a strengths based autism education and intervention.

She also delivers online training for parents, carers and professionals on how to apply positive psychology principals such as emotion coaching, mindfulness, gratitude practices and growth mindset for all.

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Kate French

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