Dreams to a Kid

#contentology #dreamstofasakid I dreamt of visiting the top of the Far Away TreeI dreamt of having my very own Wishing ChairI dreamt of being able to flyI dreamt of being a ballet dancerI dreamt of being a netballerI dreamt of being a writerI dreamt of being an artistI dreamt of being a singerI dreamt ofContinue reading “Dreams to a Kid”

What does Health mean for you?

#contentology #health What does Health mean for you? How much do you priorities this and where does your mental health fit inwith your physical health. Are they seperate for you or in intertwinned?For me they go hand in hand. I like the feeling of being healthy and fit andthis makes me feel mentally strong andContinue reading “What does Health mean for you?”

One Question

#contentology #onequestion If, 12 months into the future, everything happened how you wanted it to,everything had worked out exactly how you had hoped-what would you betelling me?You’d be telling me you are a confident parentThat you still make mistakes, but can own those mistakes and makeamends.That really believes that tomorrow is a new day andContinue reading “One Question”

Why Do I do What I DO?

#contentology #whydoidowhatido It’s a calling to help ease pain, confusion and a sense of overwhelm. ⁣⁣It’s a passion of mine to use information to make things that are confusing, complicated and complex make sense. ⁣⁣It’s about helping others, but its also about me. Because for me, it feels great to know you have useful resourcesContinue reading “Why Do I do What I DO?”