#contentology #nicolasmoras Certainly change is the only thing we can really guarantee and given this previous week, we’ve certainly become become experts at navigating last minute changes. Whilst some of these can be unpleasant and stressful, overall change can have a transformative impact and be triggers for growth and evolution. Sometimes change is gradual, sometimesContinue reading “Change”


#contentologyMarch2021 #nicolamoras #brave Have you been brave lately? Do you have to regularly take brave action because anxiety is something that visits you regularly? Brave: one definition is “having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty”Feeling brave is such an interesting mix of emotions-it’s recognising fear and choosing to behaveContinue reading “Brave”

What are you watching?

#contentologymarch2021 #nicolamoras #WhatAreYouWatching What great shows have you been watching lately? I recently watched The Old Guard, even though I thought it was not really in my genre as I thought a little too much like a blah action flick. But I really enjoyed it and was also impressed by it’s soundtrack and have nowContinue reading “What are you watching?”

Meaning of my name

#meaningofmyname #contentologyMarch2021 #nicolamoras What’s the meaning of my name? I didn’t know until today, but generally, I have viewed my name as a little unexciting, just because the name Kate is so common. (Hence I’ve given my daughters what I think are interesting and different names). In researching this I found on a name websiteContinue reading “Meaning of my name”

Love Where You Live

#lovewhereyoulive #sunraysia #contentologymarch2021 #nicolamoras I don’t love living so far from cities and other people (when it involves 8 hour car rides with unsettled kids), but I do like that it is away from the hustle and bustle of city living. I don’t like living in a dessert, however I do like the warmth ofContinue reading “Love Where You Live”

Who I Love

#contentologymarch2021 #nicolamoras #whoilove A 2020 throwback to nearly a year ago….who do you love? “Love is such a powerful energy and I’m so grateful that I have an amazing family immediate and extended family that fills me with love and contentment. This weekend in particular, our entire family is so excited to share that loveContinue reading “Who I Love”


#contentologyMarch2021 #nicolamoras #alignment Alignment is listening really carefully to that instinct or inner voice and hearing it say YES. Alternatively, when things are not aligned you might notice a niggle of discomfort, more stress, noticing yourself justify that things are ok the way they are. And often this will get more obvious as time goesContinue reading “Alignment”