#contentology #nicolasmoras Certainly change is the only thing we can really guarantee and given this previous week, we’ve certainly become become experts at navigating last minute changes. Whilst some of these can be unpleasant and stressful, overall change can have a transformative impact and be triggers for growth and evolution. Sometimes change is gradual, sometimesContinue reading “Change”

First days of school

#contentology #appleVSpc First days.First days of school for a new year.First days for some beginning school for the first time.And whilst firsts can be exciting for some, for others there is moreanxiety and concern.These first days are filled with lots of unknowns and for lots of myclients and their families, there can be anxiety aboutContinue reading “First days of school”

Gratitude Journal

#contentology #journalling Writing is something that I used to do in a diary as a young child, as ateenager and as a parent. Each time the writing had a different purpose. Asa child, it was somewhere to share secrets or vent upset feelings, as a teenager, again a wonderful way of expressing strong emotion thatContinue reading “Gratitude Journal”

Rule Breaker or Rule Follower

#contentology #rulebreaker #rulefollower Thinking about whether you are a rule breaker or rule follower, I instinctivelythink I’m more of a rule follower than a rule breaker. I’m averse to gettinginto ‘trouble’ and certainly followed most of the rules when I was growing up.Although as I’ve gotten older, what became clear was that even moreimportant thanContinue reading “Rule Breaker or Rule Follower”

Helicopter View

#contentology #helicopterview Taking a helicopter view or a big picture view is a skill that takes somepractice. It’s the attempt to zoom out and look at your own life from adistance, while we are still currently living it. This is not an easy skill, and itcan just be plain hard when we are busy livingContinue reading “Helicopter View”

First Days

#contentology #Firstdays First days. The first day I’m thinking about is that we have just had thefirst day of the last day of the month, for the last month of 2020!And for December it means excitement climbing for all things Christmas,putting the Christmas tree put up over the weekend, Elf returning to cause some mischiefContinue reading “First Days”

Emotional Coaching

#contentologyNov2020 #nicolamoras #threesteps #emotioncoaching Learning to support your child’s skills in managing their feelings can reallycome down to parents taking these three simple steps.Particularly when we are trying to help our kids with their expression of angerwe should pay particular attention to the following: Take a moment to reflect on how you manage your ownContinue reading “Emotional Coaching”