How do you know you are moving?

How do you create it and keep it happening?

It’s an interesting concept in psychology to try and measure ‘movement’ of mindset or movement from one state to another. Often it means to be aware of progression, of change, of development into something new. The thing with the kind of movement that I’m involved in, it is often gradual and subtle. Shifting perspectives, developing positive self esteem, learning emotional regulation and how to generate a gratitude mindset are generally not shifts that happen instantly or overnight. For me it means accepting that sometimes the movement feels minuscule or inconsequential, and perhaps on other days the movement feels too big and overwhelming. And yes some days the pace of movement will feel too slow and other days too fast. Acknowledging the feelings we have about movement and being accepting of the fact we can’t always control how this movement will appear in our lives, helps me not to become impatient when I want movement to happen faster or more dramatically.

So here is a few of my tips around movement and how to welcome it:

1) If you believe that the actions you are taking will lead to positive change, then have continued faith in these things and that they will create the movement you wish to see

2) Take moments to reflect backwards through your life timeline every now and then. As this can make the movement clearer (which inspires us to keep taking action)

3) Have people or things around you that inspire you to continue creating the momentum in your life

And finally make sure you are allowing the space for the shifts to occur, let go of the past and be open to the future that is still being created.

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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