Chill Out

#Contentology #chillout “Chill out” can mean lots of different things to different people, for me it either means to calm down (such as telling someone to ‘be chill’ when they are getting stressed out), or it’s a way of making note that we need to put relaxation at the top of our priority list. ForContinue reading “Chill Out”

Favourite Food

#Contentology #Comfort Food Today I’m talking food and all the favourite things. For me I usually really like to pair my food with the seasons and for me, winter food is all about comfort food and comfort eating. With ‘stay at home’ and COVID-19 having happened, baking and making has also been a theme atContinue reading “Favourite Food”

Reducing Overwhelm

#Contentology #thePip Take the advice of your pets when dealing with overwhelm sometimes it’s our bodies way of telling us we are tired and need to rest. My two cats and elderly dog have no trouble resting when they feel inclined. Allowing our bodies and minds time and space to process and to do ‘nothing’Continue reading “Reducing Overwhelm”


#Contentology #Money Where do you use your money? What do you think is worth spending your money on? Spending money on at least one good family holiday every year or so has been a priority to me because that’s an investment in memories and my family. And whilst I’m missing the planning and dreaming ofContinue reading “Money”


#Contentology#Focus #mindfulness #attention Getting into focus, getting un-fuzzy, training our minds to think of one thing at one time, takes a lot of practice! I have a mind that jumps all over the place at times, and it likes to anticipate, work things out and be prepared. So for me, getting focused takes a concertedContinue reading “Focus”

Soul Chats

2/30 #contentology If my soul could speak directly to yours, this is what I would say.   That you have absolutely got this!   That you have the right to follow your dreams, that you should be on this earth doing what makes your soul sing!.  You don’t need to explain or justify why thingsContinue reading “Soul Chats”