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Getting into focus, getting un-fuzzy, training our minds to think of one thing at one time, takes a lot of practice!

I have a mind that jumps all over the place at times, and it likes to anticipate, work things out and be prepared.

So for me, getting focused takes a concerted effort at times.

That’s why I practice mindfulness-as this is a form of getting focused. It is paying attention to the moment you are in and being aware of this. I can find it easy to do this without effort when I am doing things like painting and creating, but harder when I’m doing ‘relaxation’ at the end of my yoga session. That’s when my body is relaxed, and my mind wants to race, ponder and run wild. So it takes deliberate action to get my mind to focus. I usually use my breathing as something to focus on, which does help.

This morning as I was trying to drink my tea, I tried to focus just that process of drinking and the sensations it involves-the smooth glass in my hands, the warm tea in my mouth and throat. The feel of warmth on my face…. But then it was getting kids ready for school time, and my focus got interrupted, and the moment was gone. Which is ok, it’s not easy to focus, it takes practice, and the focus might only be there for a minute, but doing some practice of focusing our attention, getting a chance to just be present, is still very important.

I find for me, it quietens the rush inside my mind, it gets me calm, and it often brings clarity to my thoughts and my purpose for the day. And those are things that are really important to me.

So I invite you to see what things you can bring into your focus today, can you focus on your breath, tune into one of your senses, or even a thought for a moment or two.… and notice what happens.

Kate x

Mindfulness with Focus – Attention

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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