Reducing Overwhelm

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Take the advice of your pets when dealing with overwhelm sometimes it’s our bodies way of telling us we are tired and need to rest. My two cats and elderly dog have no trouble resting when they feel inclined. Allowing our bodies and minds time and space to process and to do ‘nothing’ is really important, especially if you are someone who typically likes to be ‘doing’ all the time.

Taking time to rest, reflect and recharge will protect you from overwhelm in the future because you will be coming from a place that is calm and you’ll have space to think before responding.

If you have trouble doing this and even when you try to relax and go slow, think about using a device such as the PIP, a biofeedback device that can help to train you in stress management and mindfulness skills.

Using more mindfulness to stay in the moment is a great skill to learn. The PIP helps everyone even if they have little mindfulness or meditation experience to practice getting calm and reducing overwhelm. To find out more visit their website or pop me a question in the comments if you are curious about using it.


#ReducingOverwhelm #restreflectrenew #mindfulnesspractice

the Pip – Mindfulness Practice

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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