Gratitude Journal



Writing is something that I used to do in a diary as a young child, as a
teenager and as a parent. Each time the writing had a different purpose. As
a child, it was somewhere to share secrets or vent upset feelings, as a teenager, again a wonderful way of expressing strong emotion that you knew
was probably best not to share with friends or family-only because it was
most likely about them! And as a new parent, I wrote detailed journals of
how I was feeling being a new parent, the different milestones my babies
met-to help me document this for the future, but also so I could remember

Journaling is a great way to get our internal thoughts down on paper (or into
an electronic document). The process of recording a thought helps to create
distance between our thoughts and allows some analysis of them, which can
help to develop clarity of thought. I don’t journal all the time, consistently,
but go in phases. However when I do, the style is usually one with a focus
on gratitude.

I’ve found journalling or writing in response to prompts, very helpful for
motivation, for bringing awareness to unhelpful beliefs and for finding
evidence and gratitude for current states of mind. I like it to bring focus to
an intention about the future and to help develop ideas I might have for goals
or aspirations.

I certainly feel that writing is a powerful way to develop insight about your
thoughts and feelings. It can be very helpful to reduce intensity of emotion
and to help switch on helpful logical thinking as well.
I would certainly encourage you to try gratitude journaling if it’s not
something you’ve every tried, because it is one of the very powerful ways we
can bring more happiness and contentment into our lives.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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