Blue is my favourite colour and the blue of the Coral Sea is one of my most
favourite blue’s. It is a symbol of freedom, expanse, and invigoration, where
anything is possible.

This year we did not get to travel up north to Queensland, like we’ve been
able to before, so I’m missing the shade of the Coral Sea blue, missing the
expanse of the ocean and the way it makes everything seem small by
comparison. So thinking about not seeing this blue, actually makes me feel
a little ‘blue’. Conversely when I’m surrounded by blue, I feel as sense of joy
and peacefulness.

So I will focus on my goal of being able to look at this ocean again, I will look
at pictures of past trips and dream locations and places I’ll go to in the
future. I’m imagining how much I’ll enjoy it, how wonderful it will feel when
we go there again.

So for now I’ll enjoy the blue of my children’s eyes and the blue colours I can
create with my art.

It’s amazing how colour has different associations for different people. I
know that in my work with emotions, many people have different
attachments and meanings to different colours.

For lots of people we association red for example, with anger, but we need
to be mindful that everyone has different associations, so refraining from
making assumptions for others is important-, as I also know a few children,
where red is their very happiest colour! And ironically enough, the colour of
red is strongly associated with Christmas!

Do different colours evoke different emotions for your? Try and surround
yourself with those that make you feel centred and calm, especially in your
relaxing home spaces.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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