Some crossroads are obvious, others less so. I know there have been some in my career, including the decision to ditch my thoughts of wanting to be an illustrator or to do graphic design when I was in high-school and head toward psychology, or decide that regardless of the competition I was going to do whatever it took to get my place in a Masters of Clinical Psychology. Or to go out under my own business brand in 2018 and then deciding to launch online programs in 2019……But today I was at another crossroads and this was the decision that I was going to become a published author. Some of you may be aware (or not) that this year I decided I was going to write a book this year. Now that to me is no small goal and although I have put plans in motion for this last year, have broken down this seemingly huge task into smaller tasks, it feels much like it did when I was going to write a thesis for my Honours year (and again for my Masters degree). Big, overwhelming and seemingly far-fetched that it could actually be accomplished. However today I spoke about having drafted out the plans for each of the chapters and feeling the need to begin writing the chapters, despite feeling unsure about how it will every be published. I was reminded by a wise person that it would be published, that was certain.But with encouragement, I’ve taken the steps and written nearly three chapters. So I feel like I’ve just made the decision at that cross road-to let my dream be just that-a dream of having written a book -one day, or actually continue to take action and make it happen. I feel like I know now that my book will be published, it will just be a matter of by whom-a publisher, or by me-self-published. So I don’t know whether I will look back and think this was a significant decision for my life ahead or not, but today it felt like a really good one. So have courage to make decisions that feel right and true for you and see where they take you.Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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