Alignment is listening really carefully to that instinct or inner voice and hearing it say YES.

Alternatively, when things are not aligned you might notice a niggle of discomfort, more stress, noticing yourself justify that things are ok the way they are. And often this will get more obvious as time goes on, and you might find yourself wondering why rubbish things keep happening. This is a clue that you are not in alignment for you. So try and find some time to reduce the noise in your mind and around youand make things quiet. We need to make things quiet so we can really tun into ourselves. Notice what other people might want for us, but recognise that this is their intentions, not necessarily ours. As yourself what you want and why. When I need to do this, yoga and mindfulness helps, as does journaling. It helps me get back to my ’why’ and do a check if my actions are synced with this.

Kate x





Some crossroads are obvious, others less so. I know there have been some in my career, including the decision to ditch my thoughts of wanting to be an illustrator or to do graphic design when I was in high-school and head toward psychology, or decide that regardless of the competition I was going to do whatever it took to get my place in a Masters of Clinical Psychology. Or to go out under my own business brand in 2018 and then deciding to launch online programs in 2019……But today I was at another crossroads and this was the decision that I was going to become a published author. Some of you may be aware (or not) that this year I decided I was going to write a book this year. Now that to me is no small goal and although I have put plans in motion for this last year, have broken down this seemingly huge task into smaller tasks, it feels much like it did when I was going to write a thesis for my Honours year (and again for my Masters degree). Big, overwhelming and seemingly far-fetched that it could actually be accomplished. However today I spoke about having drafted out the plans for each of the chapters and feeling the need to begin writing the chapters, despite feeling unsure about how it will every be published. I was reminded by a wise person that it would be published, that was certain.But with encouragement, I’ve taken the steps and written nearly three chapters. So I feel like I’ve just made the decision at that cross road-to let my dream be just that-a dream of having written a book -one day, or actually continue to take action and make it happen. I feel like I know now that my book will be published, it will just be a matter of by whom-a publisher, or by me-self-published. So I don’t know whether I will look back and think this was a significant decision for my life ahead or not, but today it felt like a really good one. So have courage to make decisions that feel right and true for you and see where they take you.Kate x

Flash back 2013



#flashbackFlashback to 2013… when I had a daughter who had just started school, and a three year old and 16 month old at home with me. In this clip we are teaching my nearly 4 year old how to use her new camera and it perfectly captures the chaos, silliness and fun of our family at this time. Not to mention from here on we had more photos of double chins, up noses, toes, floors, tv shows and our pets than I can possibly count. These kid videos perfectly capture this time and way better than the photos and videos that I took. So I’m really glad they did learn to use the technology, as it is great to reminisce through these.Where did you find yourself in 2013?


I’m still dreaming of going on holiday and just when I think it’s time to start booking….the dreaded COVID-19 restrictions puts doubts in my mind again. But in a true optimistic style, I actually began scouring for beach front apartments tonight. So I’m determined to have some beach time before too long!

Wish me luck in getting there in 2021!

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What’s my life’s purpose?






What keeps me going when things are difficult, when I’m tired and
overwhelmed? Why do I work as hard and as consistently as I do? Yes I
have to remind myself at times….

For me, my work at Side by Side Psychology or in my online group work is
fuelled by a passion to make a difference for the better. It’s the belief that
every child, teen and adult deserves to feel good about who they are and to
have the option to have a great life. With this passion and understanding that
has grown and evolved over the years, I really believe that it is up to me and
people like me, to use the knowledge we have to try and make positive
impact on the world.
Whenever I feel that things are getting overwhelming or I’m wishing for a
simpler life, where I cared less about it all, so I could be less driven, I think
about my own children and what my wish is for them and what I’ve been
prepared to do to have this. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to give
my children skills, safety, attachment, optimism and guidance. And I know
as they grow they always have me and our family to lean on for help, love
and support.
However I know that not every family is as fortunate as this, or is as easily
able to access these kinds of resources. But I also know that for most
families there is a deep desire as parents, to be the best for our children, to
help them as much as possible and to provide them a wonderful life, and/or
skills to make their life great. It is this knowledge that drives me to keep
innovating, keep caring and keep thinking of ways that I can help as many
children, teens and families as I can.

Who am I?




For those that are new to following me, I thought it would be a good idea to
let you learn a bit about me.

So my profession is a clinical psychologist, and I have a real passion working
with autistic individuals (children, teens and adults). The longer I’ve been
working in this space and listening to my clients, I’ve become more attuned
to the influence of positive psychology and the neurodiversity model.
I’ve been in private practice since about 2006 in some capacity, and have
been running my own private practice since 2012 and opened Side by Side
Psychology in 2018, with expanding to include my first team member, Zoe
last year. I’ve begun branching out into the online group coaching space in
2020 in an effort to support more families and parents this past year.
Private practice is wonderful for me because it allows me to be flexible
enough to be very present for my three daughters (8,11 and 13) in the way I
want to. I’ve been married for nearly 16 years and family is super important
to me. I’m from a big family myself (one of 6 kids) and am lucky that nearly
all my siblings live nearby. I love animals nearly as much as I love children
and am fortunate our first fur babies have been with us for 16 and 12 years

When not working, I’m a book lover and I also I really enjoy attending Body
Balance(TM) classes at my local gym, which is a yoga, Thai chi and Pilates
fusion. During last year’s lockdowns fell in love with bike riding with my girls
(when everything else was closed). I’ve also just learnt how to stand-up
paddle board and I love learning how to do new activities with my family.
Moving my body and feeling energised has been an important part of
maintaining good mental health and looking after myself and my family and
it’s something that I often remind myself about the importance of- as it has
such ongoing benefits.

So over to you, what’s something you’d like to share about yourself that has
helped you to keep caring for yourself or your family?




Making these kinds of declarations is a helpful way for me to stay on track and make sure my actions match my intentions. It helps me to be definite in what I want and know what I don’t want and helps me to meet my goals, even though for me a declaration it is not a goal per say.

Do you have declarations that have helped shape your life the way you want it to be? And if you do make them, who do you make them to-yourself or do you tell others around you? Sometimes choosing particular people to tell about these intentions can really help you stick to them.

A declaration can also be be short term thing, too. For example it could be about how you intend your day to go, or how you decide your attitude will be.

So I encourage you to make a declaration today about how things will go and see how that feels for you and what happens.

Have a great day, happy 1st of Feb!

Kate x

First days of school



First days.
First days of school for a new year.
First days for some beginning school for the first time.
And whilst firsts can be exciting for some, for others there is more
anxiety and concern.
These first days are filled with lots of unknowns and for lots of my
clients and their families, there can be anxiety about a range of things
including: *. do the teachers and support staff have enough knowledge of their
child to support their child,

  • did we had enough time during our transition days?,
  • will my child have a good experience?,
  • what will they do if they didn’t have a good transition day last year,
    can we change their attitude?
  • is it too late to have some more transition days now?
  • what can we do to make sure the new school year in 2021 is positive?
    Having COVID-19 restrictions still in place across schools in 2020 has
    certainly not made this preparation and transition easier, with the
    number of transition days having been reduced for most schools last
    But in the spirit of controlling what we can, and leaving the rest to the
    universe, there is a few things you can check to see whether these
    things would help make upcoming ‘first days’ positive ones:
  • if you are anxious about your child having a good experience with
    their upcoming first day, don’t share that with them directly or in front of
    them. Be supportive and confident in front of them that this first can be
    a positive experience (vent to others who get your nervousness and
    concern away from the ears of children!) and that all children feel
    nervous about new things, first days and that they have experienced
    these before and things do get easier gradually.
  • ask your school about extra transitions across the summer school
    holiday break-inquire when the school will be open to staff and if it’s
    possible for extra visits to happen in the weeks prior to students being
    back at school.
    Even if the school is empty(in fact this can be quite helpful) it can be
    helpful to see the school environment and get familiar with it before
    students are there. This is one less thing for them to process on their
    first day.
  • Ask if the school can provide photos or video be taken of the school/
    classroom environment so that these can be reviewed later by the child.
    Having visuals to share and talk about, can be really helpful.
  • Can the upcoming class teacher/s have a photos of them and or their
    classroom forwarded to parents via email. Again having visuals to help learn the identify of staff and their role at
    the school can be very helpful. This is especially helpful for students
    transitioning to high school where they go from a classroom teacher to
    7 or 8 new staff members to get to know.
  • See if you can get a map of the school and identify safe and calm
    spaces that the child can spend time in. Having this map also makes it
    easier to ask about their day and help them plan where to go when they
    need to for certain classes or during breaks.
  • Create a Social Story (TM) with the words and photos that the child/
    young person can read/reread as you get closer to the official first day
    (of school).
  • Also if you’ve not already, visit the Positive Partnerships website for a
    look at their checklists and templates and any training you think would
    be useful as this website is all about supporting families and schools to
    understand how to support kids on the Spectrum
  • And lastly be prepared with information for your child’s teacher which
    is a 1 page snapshot (brief summary) of your child. Their strengths,
    interests and how they learn best, so it is easier for your child’s teacher
    to get to know them and for them to form a good relationship.
    I hope that these upcoming tips are helpful for school firsts coming your