#Contentology #Love

Love is such a powerful energy, and I’m so grateful that i have an amazing family immediate and extended family that fills me with love and contentment.

This weekend, in particular, our entire family is so excited to share that love with the newest member of our large family – as we are getting to meet my niece for the first time. Our sweet niece was born on the 27th of March, just as travel restrictions changed our March, April and May. We have been sending our love in messages and conversations, but nothing says love quite the same way as touch. And being able to touch and hold to express love in the way we would like to, has not been possible.

But this weekend, we will get to share that love and touch, with this new baby and to my sister and brother in law who have become parents these past few months.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the love from my own children being shared with their new baby cousing (they are just so excited to meet her!)-it will be a picture of love overflowing! So I hope that you are able to have love in your life, make sure those that you love hear it from you today and may your heart be full.

Love – contentment – overflows


#Focus #mindfulness #attention

Getting into focus, getting un-fuzzy, training our minds to think of one thing at one time, takes a lot of practice!

I have a mind that jumps all over the place at times, and it likes to anticipate, work things out and be prepared.

So for me, getting focused takes a concerted effort at times.

That’s why I practice mindfulness-as this is a form of getting focused. It is paying attention to the moment you are in and being aware of this. I can find it easy to do this without effort when I am doing things like painting and creating, but harder when I’m doing ‘relaxation’ at the end of my yoga session. That’s when my body is relaxed, and my mind wants to race, ponder and run wild. So it takes deliberate action to get my mind to focus. I usually use my breathing as something to focus on, which does help.

This morning as I was trying to drink my tea, I tried to focus just that process of drinking and the sensations it involves-the smooth glass in my hands, the warm tea in my mouth and throat. The feel of warmth on my face…. But then it was getting kids ready for school time, and my focus got interrupted, and the moment was gone. Which is ok, it’s not easy to focus, it takes practice, and the focus might only be there for a minute, but doing some practice of focusing our attention, getting a chance to just be present, is still very important.

I find for me, it quietens the rush inside my mind, it gets me calm, and it often brings clarity to my thoughts and my purpose for the day. And those are things that are really important to me.

So I invite you to see what things you can bring into your focus today, can you focus on your breath, tune into one of your senses, or even a thought for a moment or two.… and notice what happens.

Kate x

Mindfulness with Focus – Attention


#Alignment #contentology

Being in alignment means being connected to something bigger than myself and feeling that I’m living my life in respect to the values that I hold most dear.

In thinking about what has happened so far in 2020 so far and the tragedy that continues to unfold, especially in the US currently,  but also all around the world where humans show that we have the  capacity to hate, hurt and destroy, as much as we have the ability to love, to heal, to nurture, to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.  

I’m reminded about how these things affect who I am, about how I choose to live my life and the messages I choose to share.  I feel that my alignment is about making choices, often hard, that are often uncomfortable for ourselves and others in my orbit, but there are always choices.  

So the choices that I want to make, are those that remind myself and others of our brightest natures.  That we have the ability to forgive, the ability to understand and empathise and the ability to pause and reflect before lashing out.  

Living in my alignment is that each day I try to illustrate that we actually all have this choice, and to share this reminder that you can choose how to live your life and choose in each moment to be the best version of yourself.  

#ally #blacklivesmatter #Alignment #makingchoices #bestversionofmyself

Living in Alignment

Soul Chats

2/30 #contentology

If my soul could speak directly to yours, this is what I would say.  

That you have absolutely got this!  

That you have the right to follow your dreams, that you should be on this earth doing what makes your soul sing!.  You don’t need to explain or justify why things make you happy and why you want to chase your dreams, just know that I believe in you and think you should do it.  

In the end you must make yourself happy, or we are no good to all those we love around us.  So if you have a flicker of a dream, if you have a glimmer you’d like to see if it could be more, then I encourage you to do so.  

I implore you to see what could happen with it.  So take a big breath, take a risk and know that no matter what, I believe in you and I am here for you.

Soul Chats – Chasing Dreams


#Contentology #1Motivate

Motivation is such an interesting word and one that when I hear it, I have mixed feelings about it.  Mainly because in the world of helping people change and just in everyday life, I often hear people talking about making a change when they ‘feel motivated’. So often, we look for inspiration to get ourselves to get us into action.

However, we know that motivation as an emotion or experience comes and goes fleetingly and it alone is not enough to sustain change (for very long).  It is a rush, and it makes us feel good and powerful and uplifted, but it cannot sustain long-term behaviour change. 

Motivation alone will wane, your motivation ‘muscle’ will get fatigued, and life will get in the way, and your great intentions will diminish, and you will return to your usual habits.  Not because you are lazy or flawed or incapable of change, but because motivation or desire to change is not enough to sustain the change.  Having a surge of motivation is a great place to kick-start things, get you into a bit of momentum, but you need more than that to continue it.  

But today, I hope you are feeling motivated; today I want to you to build habits that will create positive change, and that positive change will, in turn, motivate you.  But you need to build in expectations for yourself and follow through on your plans, even when you do not feel motivated.  So you can use the rush of motivation to begin a positive domino effect, but don’t expect it to carry your through to long-term change, without having a more detailed plan.

A plan to keep the change going might include:

-Having someone to help support you when your motivation wanes, 

-Telling someone about your dreams and goals and asking them to check in on you and ask you how you are going,

-Having visual reminders of your dreams and goals.  

But really, it is knowing that change is a process; you will have days when you can’t be bothered, but that for change to be lasting, you need support, and you need people around you who get it. 

So think about what gets you motivated, but more importantly, what will keep you going, what will keep you choosing your new plan and who will you have around you to support your change. 


Motivation – build habits – positive change