Finding the time and energy to keep caring

Do you ever feel like you are giving and giving and giving and that you are not sure if you can give any more? In the times that we have been through, parents have had it quite tough these past two years. With a pandemic that has affected work and family life like nothing we’veContinue reading “Finding the time and energy to keep caring”

Emotional Coaching

#contentologyNov2020 #nicolamoras #threesteps #emotioncoaching Learning to support your child’s skills in managing their feelings can reallycome down to parents taking these three simple steps.Particularly when we are trying to help our kids with their expression of angerwe should pay particular attention to the following: Take a moment to reflect on how you manage your ownContinue reading “Emotional Coaching”

Three steps

#contentology #threesteps Last night in week 5 of our online Tuning into Kids group we continuedlearning about emotion coaching children, but this week we got to discussand focus on anger! One of the most challenging emotions to emotioncoach and respond appropriately to. Here is a little taste of what wascovered in this session: Three stepsContinue reading “Three steps”