Understanding a diagnosis is more than just the label.

After the autism diagnosis, a pathway to understanding the autistic self What does a diagnosis of autism mean to you and your child?  Often getting that question answered is the beginning of getting access and support.  Whether that support is from therapists or funding bodies, or within an education setting.  It certainly helps to haveContinue reading “Understanding a diagnosis is more than just the label.”

Finding the time and energy to keep caring

Do you ever feel like you are giving and giving and giving and that you are not sure if you can give any more? In the times that we have been through, parents have had it quite tough these past two years. With a pandemic that has affected work and family life like nothing we’veContinue reading “Finding the time and energy to keep caring”

Friday ideas for beating the state of fatigue

#FridayLiveVideo Although I usually try to do a live video each Friday afternoon, this afternoon I decided I’d share with you a few ideas for beating the state of fatigue that many people are feeling with the extended lockdowns that we’ve faced in Victoria and NSW in particular.  So I wanted to share a fewContinue reading “Friday ideas for beating the state of fatigue”

Positive self talk, optimism and toxic positivity.

Friday Live 27th August 2021 Hey lovely human,Positive self talk, optimism and toxic positivity. I was looking at my daughters SEL (Social emotional Learning content) work with her this morning as she was completing a work assignments.  She was asked to come up with some positive statements to got with some hypothetical situations.  We were discussing thatContinue reading “Positive self talk, optimism and toxic positivity.”

What should we say about anxiety with our kids and teens?

#FridayLive When should we start talking about anxiety and what should kids know? One of the most common things I’ve heard in my role as a psychologist from adults that are usually supporting their child with anxiety is that they think they had anxiety as a child too.  But that they either didn’t have anyContinue reading “What should we say about anxiety with our kids and teens?”

Regulation, safety and sensory understanding for child behaviour

Hey Kate here, So I think I chatted last time about the work from Mona Delahooke from her book Beyond Behaviours that I’ve been reading and I spoke about whether we look at a child’s behaviour from a bottom up or a top down approach.  Now psychologist are particularly trained in the top down approach. MeaningContinue reading “Regulation, safety and sensory understanding for child behaviour”

Bottom up and top down approach to children’s behaviour.

Friday Live 30th July 2021 Hey lovely human, Today on my Friday Livestream chatted about the idea of looking at children’s behaviour from a ‘bottom up’ approach first and then taking a top-down focus. This idea of structuring an approach comes from the book Beyond Behaviours by Mona Delahooke, Using Brian science and compassion toContinue reading “Bottom up and top down approach to children’s behaviour.”

Friday Live -Making the transition into school holidays

Hey Lovely Human, This afternoon I chatted about moving into school holidays and the possible impact on families, routines and time spent. Holidays can be a great opportunity to connect with family more, step away from the hustle and bustle of commitments that usually fall during the school term. It can also be a challengingContinue reading “Friday Live -Making the transition into school holidays”

What happens at Side by Side Psychology practice?

18th June 2021 Hey lovely human, This afternoon I did a quick Live video chatting about my bricks and motor practice, Side by Side Psychology. Where I shared the reason behind it’s name and the different kinds of intervention and therapy that I provide. Everything that I do and endeavour to be, is about promotingContinue reading “What happens at Side by Side Psychology practice?”