Friday Live -Making the transition into school holidays

Hey Lovely Human,

This afternoon I chatted about moving into school holidays and the possible impact on families, routines and time spent. Holidays can be a great opportunity to connect with family more, step away from the hustle and bustle of commitments that usually fall during the school term.

It can also be a challenging time as usual structures and timetables are changed, which can create anxiety particularly for those children, teens and families where they thrive on routine and predictability. So I spoke about the importance of adapting and taking some time this weekend to work out a new school holiday routine that everyone is aware of, including limits on screens, opportunity for free play and pitching in with household helping.

I chatted also about the different needs that parents have to be aware of when they have children at different ages and how they will require different level of support and guidance as we make this transition. School holidays can also be a good reset if there have been challenges during the term, if getting to school has been difficult or stressful for your child.

So think about some activities you may be able to put into your holiday schedule where you really get to have some connection and quality time with your child or teen.

Also letting you know that I have Glimmer beginning 12th July for parents who are newer to learning about their child being identified neurodivergent or autistic. This parent coaching group runs over four weeks, with two hours of content and dissuasion each week, exploring all the things that are important in this early phase.

Thanks for watching and I will talk to you soon,

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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