Fresh Vibes




I’ve been needing some inspiration, some injection of newness for my
cooking and the recipies we eat as a family for quite a while!
While in the first lockdown, we trialled and enjoyed Hello Fresh, I’d much
rather be able to do fast, delicious food without out the added freight
expense that happens when you live where we do!

Last year for my birthday, I was given a Thermomix and I have slowly
been learning how to use it (as has my husband…) and two of my sisters
are quite enthusiastic users of it and of a particular recipe maker. And
their food is always soo yummy and although I don’t really enjoy
cooking, I do like nice flavoured food, that is easy to cook!

So this year, my sister wanted the most recent book put out by this
particular creator-SkinnyMixers. So I went onto the site to purchase it
for her and just decided that I needed all of their books (I did already
have and enjoy using one of theirs and it’s quite good!). So over the
next few months, I now have no more excuses not to get some great
meals learnt! It is time to put some fresh vibes into my cooking and into
the meals that we eat.

Plus I am going to get the kids learning as well, so they can cook for me! Wish me luck in this endeavour and maybe I’ll even share how some of the recipes turn out!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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