Sliding door moments




One of those moments that has had seemed like a happy coincidence, but
was maybe more than that, which has had a big impact on my life, was when
I was looking for rental space over two years ago.
For a number of years, I knew that I wanted my own therapy offices, so that
my business would get to know my name and to have it set up exactly how I
wanted it to.
I was chatting with a friend who would also end up using the office space
with me a few days of week as a location for her role, and she mentioned
another business owner that she knew well, that was also looking for a
bigger premises. This person I actually knew as I had been at the same
school about 7 years before (her as a teacher, me as the school
psychologist) and our sisters were actually close friends.
So although our paths had not crossed much in the years prior, we began to
chat about buildings and that if she was looking for a tenant, I would be
keen. What transpired was that we began to look at buildings together and
as we talked it seemed that our ideas about what we wanted was quite similar and that our businesses could work well in the same space.
Following on from that, within a few months we had secured a building for a
and at the end of 2018 Side by Side Psychology had it’s first actual home
and Bright Futures Mildura obtained a bigger premises a few doors down
from where it had been.
The past two years has seen times of enormous growth, fun, challenges and
excitement as we have enjoyed working alongside one another and also
created a partnership named Bright Side Learning and Therapy which we run
our groups and collaborative projects out of.
The business ideas, support and friendship that has emerged has been
wonderful and not something that I was looking for nor envisaged when I
was looking for a building to lease!
Sometimes life has a way of putting opportunities and amazing things in
front of you and it’s important to take them and see where it might lead!

Happy 2 years to us at 161 Lime Avenue!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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