Alternative Career




If I could not be a psychologist in the way that I am, what would I be doing
I had thought in previous times, that if I couldn’t be in my private practice
and could not be creating the online programs that I’m currently doing, I
could still work in another setting.
However when I’ve thought of returning into an organisation like a mental
health service or school- jus so I could just work for someone else without
the responsibility of running my own business, whilst I would still get to be
seeing clients, which I love to do, it’s not a work environment that would be a
preferred alternative.
Thinking more broadly, I used to love art creation and I still enjoy this as a
hobby, so maybe creating children’s books or illustrations could be fun, or even writing books might be something I could enjoy. Or, I love cats and
kittens, could I be a cat breeder?! No, Probably not.
Because when I’m pushed to think of what I can see myself doing if I didn’t
do what I do, I really can’t see myself doing things much more different from
what I am already doing.
I’m currently creating the opportunities to reach more people by moving into
an online space, and in the future I’d love to do more presentations and
maybe begin a podcast so I can talk with other people that are interested in
doing the kind of work that I do. My dream career is really being able to help
as many people as I can-but all in all, I would be continuing the work that I’m
already doing.

What about for you? Do you have a dream career alternative that you could
see yourself doing?

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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