Favourite Spots




Do have a favourite spot where you like to sit around the dinner table?
Do you have a favourite spot where you like to sit when you watch tv? (At
our house it is called the “cosy corner”!)
Do you have a favourite spot in your garden where you like to take a minute
to soak up some sunshine?
I don’t mind much where I sit to eat tea or watch tv, but I’ve got a favourite
spot outside on our outside lounge, particularly when I like to have a coffee
on the weekend as it catches the sun and the pets usually come and find me
and sit close for a nuzzle and cuddle.
And I know our children (especially my youngest) just LOVES sitting at the
head of the table and is always trying to get this spot from her siblings!
It’s hard to define why we might like these favourite spots, but I’m thinking
when we are in our favourite spots, it brings a feeling of certainty and calm.
That same sense of certainty and calm can allow us to relax and feel safe,
which particularly for favourite spots at home, is really important.
I really want to create that same sense for my clients at the practice as well
as within my online coaching groups.
If you think that you’d like to find a new favourite spot with me as your parent
coach and you are new to learning about autism, then Glimmer, the
Spectrum Journey might be for you

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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