Why Do I do What I DO?



It’s a calling to help ease pain, confusion and a sense of overwhelm. ⁣

It’s a passion of mine to use information to make things that are confusing, complicated and complex make sense. ⁣

It’s about helping others, but its also about me. Because for me, it feels great to know you have useful resources and concepts that you understand well, if understood by others, will help them with their wellbeing, mindset and mental health.⁣

It’s invigorating when you see that the people you want to help to apply this information to their own life and make positive changes. One of the most wonderful aspects of what I get to do, is when I get feedback from people to say that they applied what was discussed and worked on in session, or that they are beginning to see results with a skill or a strategy they have been practicing. ⁣

My drive to help others and improve the health and wellbeing for others is because I truly believe that having good mental health is the cornerstone of all other things that we might want in life. ⁣

I believe that if you don’t have a foundation of ‘good’ mental health, (and by that I mean wellbeing that is not plagued by anxiety, depression and doubts), or know how to do something when you have those difficult days, then life is not enjoyable and you are not having the life that deserve and it’s very likely that you won’t be able to achieve all you hope and dream of. ⁣

I especially believe that understanding how to develop these mental health skills, the better your future will be. And by having this confidence and competence, that you are able to help and support those in your immediate circle, your kids, your partner, your friends and work colleagues.
So for me, helping one person can have a positive ripple effect that I want to be a part of.⁣

Life has enough unexpected changes and challenges that we can’t control, but our mental health does not have to be one of those. It is possible to create happiness from within, it is possible to have good self esteem and it is possible to have good wellbeing, if we learn to the skills to consistently practice this. ⁣

And in thinking about our mental health, it is a good reminder to let you know that this Saturday (Saturday 10th October 2020) is World Mental Health Day. Which is fitting because this year has really accentuated how important our mental health is, with research coming out that up to 60% of people have felt their mental health has been impacted with Covid-19 pandemic.

So reflect on your mental health, reflect on what priority you give it in your day and your week and do something to makes it a priority. It does not have to be huge, it can be as simple as getting outside and taking a few breaths in and thinking of something you are grateful for.

In thinking about gratitude, I’m grateful for the recent announcement from the Federal government tat was announced this week. They revealed in their budget that they will be increasing the number of rebated session on a mental health care plan from 10 to 20 (for 2 years at this stage) as well as some other funding allotments to other mental health programs. ⁣This begins today, which is great if you had come to the end of your current plan.

Although this does not address the shortage of mental health professionals such as psychologists, (because there is such a shortage of training places available at universities), it is great news for current clients that will be able to continue their therapy more easily past the 10th session.⁣

Wishing you all a very enjoyable weekend and World Mental Health Day!

Kate x⁣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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