Who do you admire?



I am really fortunate and feel overwhelmingly grateful that I have a wonderful close relationship with my parents. I admire their spirit, their generosity, their ability to support myself, my siblings and our large extended family. They lead an amazing example of love and friendship through their relationship and marriage.

I love living near them. I love that after raising me to 18 years of age, I returned to the area after studying and working away for years and was able to get to know them all over again as an adult. I’ve gotten to have them as great parents, then share my children with them and have them as close grandparents and now these relationships also feel like true friendships.

They are curious, inquiring, and supportive of me and my dreams. They have a love of learning, which I’m sure they have instilled in me and an attitude of pragmatic realism as well. They have cultivated an amazing life into their retirement which I am in awe of. They are independent, love adventure and have a wonderful attitude and outlook towards life, which is fair and optimistic.

They are the safe haven for all of my five siblings and we cherish the time when we all get to be together. I’m also fairly certain that I’m not alone in this admiration of them.

So if you happen to read this Mum and Dad, this is to you both for being the best parents I could have ever asked for, love you both heaps!

(Photos: A few special occasion celebrations that capture some very special moments).

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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