One Question



If, 12 months into the future, everything happened how you wanted it to,
everything had worked out exactly how you had hoped-what would you be
telling me?
You’d be telling me you are a confident parent
That you still make mistakes, but can own those mistakes and make
amends.That really believes that tomorrow is a new day and new opportunity to make
connections with your child/children
That you have found a way to talk about parenting with those that share your
role as a parent
That you feel you have a shared view with them on this thing called
That you are happy with your relationships with your child/children
That you are content in your job
That you are feeling healthy and rested
That you are making time to priorities your health
That you are respecting the amount of sleep your body needs
That you no longer feel as stressed as you used to, even though you are still
doing lots and are happily busy
You are telling me you feel optimistic about the future, no matter what it
might bring.
You are telling me you feel you have a good understanding of what creates
your mental health and wellbeing.
You feel like you are able to guide your children to look after their own mental
You feel like you have made time for relationships that nurture your soul
You are seeing the effects of your hard work and feel capable to juggle and
priorities yourself amongst many competing demands
You feel you have good boundaries to say no, when you need to
You feel you have the ability to reflect and take responsibility when you need
to and leave blame where it lies with others, when it needs to
You feel you have a good understanding of your child and how to help them
You feel you have a strong voice to be an advocate when needed.
You can seen a future that you are proud of and are looking forward to.
Can you be sure that you can confidently say that these things are on your
horizon when you look 12 months into the future?
To ensure that this happens, what is one small step you can take today, to
make this future a reality?
A small step towards prioritising your health and wellbeing.
A small step towards creating more helpful thoughts.
A small step towards taking action on those things that are most important
to you.
You deserve your ideal future, so make it happen.

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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