Something I learnt



It’s that if I say I’m going to do something and actually put a deadline on it, I
tend to get it done. I was meeting with my small mentoring group yesterday
and talking about my program Glimmer that I wanted to get out as quick as
possible, because later in the year I’m getting busier and busier with
delivering other parenting groups and face to face groups with children. So I
was saying that I had a small window to get it ready for launch, with only a
small amount of time to let people know it was available. The consensus,
was that I just do it and make sure I can adjust my expectations of what
‘success’ meant considering how much marketing of it I would be able to

So on Friday afternoon during the Facebook Livestream I did, I mentioned
Glimmer in there briefly and that it would be available very soon-I think I said
Monday. I did this deliberately, because I knew that if I said it would be
available, I would make it happen. So Saturday I did some work on it, but
also took some time off to spend with the family, because I need to have a
break from work if my brain is going to be clear enough to focus (also
something I’ve learnt and am slowly become better at putting into practice!),
and then by Monday afternoon/evening it was ready to go!

So the important thing I have learnt is to have great people around you to
guide you, have a great mentor that will give you the confidence to just do
things, use the support of others for to help make you accountable and
create a deadline for yourself-can be keys for creating change.So if you you are keen to learn, grow and do it within a group where you will get support and accountability, then I’m giving you a short deadline to make the decision by-as I have just launched GLIMMER—my online autism parent program which begins on the 7th September.

I can assure you there will be more than one thing that you will learn in this

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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