Spontaneous or Planned

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Being spontaneous is definitely not in my nature, in fact it’s something that
I’m actually trying harder to do, to inject more fun and more lightness into my
mental attitude and into my children’s life. So on the weekend I suggested
going to a new place for a walk, which initially was met with some
apprehension and questions, it was a really welcomed change, that led to
some lovely family time together.
I think that naturally I like to have a plan, even though I’m fairly happy to go
with the flow if I like and trust other’s plans.

In my daily work, though I know for many of my clients that sticking to a plan
is a pivotal part of managing anxiety. For many of us that don’t have sensory
systems that are easily overwhelmed or have trouble predicting the nature of
social situation, new and unexpected tings can be lots of fund and
exhilarating, but for many on the autism spectrum this triggers the fight or
flight reflex, which is definitely not fun.
So think about you, think about your children and whether spontaneity has a
place in your life and whether it’s something that you could create more of,
or whether it’s something you need to reduce for the needs of your children.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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