Family Games



During iso, we’ve gotten our hands on Cards Against Humanity-Family
edition and this has been a great lot of fun for everyone. And during the first
iso in particular we were playing this a bit. And UNO Flip, which is a new
edition of UNO and lots and fun and laughter for everyone-with games
becoming quite competitive at times!

The kids have also been playing another called Exploding Kittens, that I’ve
not had a go at yet, but looks like lots of fun. Our latest thing, whilst not a game, is getting out on our bikes and heading
for a ride down to the river, with my youngest deciding reluctantly to join
myself and my eldest daughter.

And although she found it fairly tough on her legs at times and her hands
could not move by the time we got home (it was very cold!), she seemed to
really enjoy it.

I think it’s time to get into some more family games and I might try out
Exploding Kittens with the girls next time!.

It doesn’t really matter what game you play, but making sure you have some
time to focus on making fun family memories, can be one positive to come
out of the restrictions off after school activities we have seen happen this

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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