Biggest Thing

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The biggest things that we achieve all come from a million tiny steps or changes. Whether they were planned or unplanned, things that happen or that we create in our lives are made up of many, many tiny parts that lead you to feeling like you have achieved or been part of something momentous. ⁣

So when I think of my biggest things, whether it be finishing my Masters to become a psychologist, travelling overseas for the first time (and choosing to move past my fear of heights and go paragliding in Chamonix because I didn’t want to miss out on something amazing that my husband was definitely going to do!) or getting married and then becoming a mum, or beginning my own business, each of these did not happen because just because of luck or circumstance.⁣

They happened because of a dream and a vision of what I wanted my life to be like and then the plan that evolved from it. But more than that, along the way there were many other events that had to also happen for these big dreams to come true. ⁣

When I’m dreaming of the next big thing that I want to happen in my life, this is just the first step in making it happen. Allowing this dream to become so real and so clear that the ‘how it’s going to happen’ is not really a question, as the steps appear and you take them. ⁣

It’s also being aware that fear and uncertainty is likely to be a part of achieving these things-it is totally normal to have those. It’s equally it’s important not to let those emotions stop you. ⁣

So my wish for myself and for you is to create and hold onto your vision of what a big thing would be for you, acknowledge the worry and the doubts and choose to go after those big dreams anyway.⁣


Photo by Yogendra Negi on Unsplash

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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