Small Things

#contentology #smallthings

Small things like a focus of attention can make a big impact.

This morning my Calm App notification popped up as it does to ask me how
I was feeling. Sometimes I swipe the notification off, other times I do a mood
check in and do a short meditation.

This morning I did the mood check in (unsure=covid), and I was offered
some options and one of these was a 10 minute body scan. I thought ‘I’ve
got time to take 10 minutes to check in and do a body scan’ even though I
didn’t really feel like doing so.

So I’ve just done this, taken the time to allow my attention to slowly travel
across my body and let my breath become soft and easy. Just doing this
little thing has done a number of fairly big things for me-it’s eased lots of
tension that was around my eyes, my jaw, my shoulders and back and it’s
cleared my mind so I can begin the day in a much better mindset. The
heaviness and stress that was sitting in my body has totally lifted nad it’s
also given my the clarity of what to write-as I was stuck before.

So taking the time to actually narrow your attention, relax your breathing for
a few minutes and do the little things that we know are good for us (but don’t
always do!), is so, so important and can have a massive impact!

So I hope you remember the little things and how these can have profound
influence on your day.
Happy Tuesday,

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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