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This morning my mood is flat after the announcements of yesterday afternoon and it sits heavily in my body. My energy feels depleted and I feel the familiar flutter of discomfort in my chest and stomach as 100 questions run through my mind about what these restrictions are going to be like again for my family, my children, my business, for my colleagues business around me, for my clients, my friends and my family affected by these shutdowns. I worry about the impact on the broader communities mental health and overall ability to cope with ongoing uncertainty. I worry about a negative spiral that has been happening this year and just how much resilience people are going to be able to find.

Although we have been here before-so there is some understanding of being able to cope with it-it also means that the parts we did not like about it shut down are going to back with us again. And for others in VIC, the restrictions tighter than ever before, so this is a new unknown for them. Knowing that it is for the greater good and that it is to make us all safer in the end, does help, but it is also still gut-wrenching.

So allowing myself to sit with these uncomfortable feelings, name my emotions and then look for all those things that I’m happy with, is alignment for me. Because it is following my own advice, directions, science of happiness, and it’s me ‘walking the talk’ that I know with 100% conviction helps mindset, outlook and optimism.

So here goes: I’m grateful that my family are safe, that even doing home schooling again we have a plan to make it work and will be ok, that we will priorities around exercise even more than last time because it is so helpful to our minds and bodies, that I’m grateful that this weekend we got out and enjoyed our (unmasked) freedom and spent time in the sunshine and nature (thank you 22 degrees in Winter!). I’m grateful that I get to live in a such a beautiful location surrounded by my friends and family.

I’m grateful that I was able to see my parents (my mum who had made and brought me essential masks for us to wear), and grateful that I got to see other family and friends over the weekend and share in some birthday wishes. I’m grateful that I will get to keep working no matter what and that my ability to support and contain will be more important than ever. And I’m grateful for my good health.

Just writing these things helps to settle the anxiety and lift the weight a little. I’m going to take it one moment at a time if need be, I’m going to name my negative feelings, reframe if I need to and look for those things that I’m am so grateful for.

So if this helped you to feel less alone in your emotions and you want to learn how to use gratitude to stay aligned to what you believe in, reach out and let me know.

Spreading good news is really important, especially now.
Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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