Five years ago at this time of year, we’d just taken a family trip to
Adelaide to Zoo and the beach. I was largely an at home mum
caring for my youngest daughter who was three, with my middle
daughter in Prep and my eldest in Grade 2.
I was working from a room at the Mildura Kids Clinic, doing private
practice a few days a week and I had just started running a weekly
group for anxiety and stress management for children on the autism
Side by Side Psychology as it is now was not yet developed, I didn’t
have my own room or other staff and my practice time was
arranged to fit around my family’s needs.
Now my girls are a little older, but still my practice is built around
what works for us as a family. Making sure that I pay attention and
allow time for my children’s emotional and social development is a
high priority for me, and it actually helps to guide lots of my
business decisions. I know that I cherish the years I had home with
them and those times cannot be replaced. Whilst my journey into business and understanding it the way I do
now, was in it’s infancy back then, it’s great to see the growth that
has happened over the last five yers and I’m excited to see what
the next five years will bring for Side by Side Psychology, Bright
Side Learning and Therapy and Kate French businesses!
Looking back can show us how far we’ve come and the lessons that
we’ve learnt!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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