Apple vs PC



The Apple versus PC computer question is one idea is one that has
been used over to years to help explain thinking and brain
differences for children and adults, when we are trying to explain
what autism is- without going through all the criteria.
Explaining autism in a single sentence is actually quite a challenge,
and this by no means necessarily does the job perfect, however it
can be a helpful analogy for some.
So if you have someone who is into computers, and they
understand that there are Apple computers and PC computer
operating systems, they will understand that there they are both
computers that work and work well, but that from a set up
perspective and a users perspective, there are some important
differences between them.
So understanding this idea and these differences, we can then say,
that our own brains could be either an Apple or PC computer. And that means we largely classify our brain types into two categories of
being neurotypical (without autism) and neurodiverse or autistic.
What I like about this analogy, is that it helps to show that both
computers and both kinds of brains are effective, clever and
powerful and get the job done, but that neither one is better than the
other, just different!
So I don’t know if you have heard this analogy before, or even if you
found it useful, but let me know your thoughts on it.
If you know of another analogy that goes some of the way to
explain the complexity and wonder that is autism, I’d love to hear it!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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