#contentology #outside

What’s outside in our environment has a big impact on our insides!
Whilst knowing that working on our mindset, thoughts, beliefs and
emotions is a wonderful thing to do to help us change, we must not
forget the impact that our surroundings having on us as well.
So being mindful of what is outside and around us and how this
affects our mood is really important. It’s why a clean space makes
us feel calm, it’s why being outside in nature is a form of
mindfulness and reset, it’s why natural light is so important for our
sleep/wake cycles and wellbeing.

So check in with what’s around you in your home or your work place
to see if you could make some changes to improve it. Or actually
do a simple tasks and take yourself outside today. It could be for a
walk, or just a moment in the sunshine.
Take a few breaths, find a moment of gratitude for being able to
have this freedom and enjoy your outside.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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