Think Big

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Thinking big is like being asked to dream and voice those dreams
out loud. It can sometimes feel opulent and excessive. Especially
if you have been trained to think small and to expect little (so we
don’t get disappointed when it does not work out)… so it can feel
strange to give ourselves permission to change this way of thinking.
I know that ‘thinking big’ can be challenging because it’s something
that I’ve struggled with at times. But I’ve seen the benefit of doing it
personally and for the families I work with too many times to ignore
its benefits.

And because of its importance in moving people forwards, it’s a
great honour to be part of encouraging others to think big for and
develop a picture in their mind of their ideal day, or ideal outcome
for themselves and their family.

And whilst I know that can seem scary, because it might be far from
where they currently are, but daring to imagine an optimistic future
is actually the first step in having that become a reality.

So have a think about when you last gave yourself permission to
think big about your dreams, wishes and wants. Encourage
yourself to let your imagination run, and get involved with painting
the picture of it so it is vivid and clear.

Imagine yourself and how you will feel in this future place or
situation and carry this emotion with you. When we allow ourselves
to think big, it inspires us to develop our skills in optimistic thinking,
which is a great mindset to have along life’s journey.

Think Big

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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