#Contentology #Mission #light #pathway

Having a mission seems like a serious heavy word to describe what
you are going to do-it’s strongly associated with war and space and
religion. However it also means being involved in work that you feel
is your life’s calling.

It’s also a way to describe the feeling that you’ve found a definite
purpose or true calling. It’s a feeling that helps you get very
focused and determined, and in my mind it feels like a guiding light
that shines a path ahead. So even though I don’t know where I’m
going exactly, I know enough to feel confident in moving forwards.
That for me is how I prefer to see my mission, that it’s not a job, it’s
not hard work, but it’s something that aligns with my values and it’s
something that lights me up.

And fortunately, when I’m on my mission, I’m able to light the way
for others. My mission to educate, support and empathise, is like
watching more light bulbs beginning to flicker on, so that others can
too begin to spread their own shine.

I can’t wait to see your light spark too!


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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