Your Voice

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Having people find their voice is an important part of my goals for
many people I work with, even if it’s not a conscious goal for them.
Although they may list activities and actions they need support with,
I’m looking deeper and wondering about mindset and confidence
and assertiveness skills. I have the urge to help with their
confidence to be who they are, to have the courage to ask for help if
they need it and assertive skills to be able to advocate strongly for
themselves or their loved ones.

Being a minority group comes with all kinds of challenges, so it’s
part of my role and my privilege to help you find your voice. And
when that voice is found, to encourage it to speak and if need be, to
amplify the sound so that your message can be heard clearly.

And I know that this is not always easy to do. I know myself who
generally feels fairly confident in using my voice, when I have to use
my voice in a way that will invite more attention, scrutiny or possibly
criticism, that it’s hard not to listen to unhelpful thinking that tells us
to ‘shoosh’ and quieten down.

But I’m reminded of a lovely quote ‘speak even if your voice shakes’
from the anti-bullying campaign, that confidence comes from doing.
It’s also a great reminder that speaking up can have impact near
and far and that the positive ripple effect is something we can’t

Speaking up and using our voice, which can then be a collective
voice, can then give others the courage to do the same.


Find Your Voice

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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