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Structure is required for planning my thoughts, my time and my
energy. Structure helps me to provide my energy out in a more
even manner, otherwise I feel stretched, under-resourced and

Structure helps me to break large tasks and goals down into
achievable ones. Structure provides and framework so that you
can have freedom within that. Structure helps us to make sense of
our world and with that comes reduced anxiety. Structure aids
control and accountability. Structure takes discipline and
commitment- but the payoffs can be great. I probably thought less
about it in my life except when I was studying, until I had my own
children. Now having structure and routine is essential for all the
organisation I need to accomplish.

I’m always curious about the role structure plays in people’s lives,
as it can seem that some people are living with such ease and
freedom and it can appear that they don’t have any structure at all.
But I think that is the illusion, that those that do have a good amount
structure, actually a life that has pockets of freedom and an overall

How does your family respond to structure? Does it reduce anxiety
or does it feel too confining? I know a common topic is how to
ensure enough structure in the routine of the day to reduce anxiety
for children who are seeking of structure, versus allowing flexibility
and change that happens within family life, to occur naturally.

So do a quick scan of the structure you have in your life and that of
your family and see if you are happy with the amount of structure,
or are there small changes that could shift it towards the right
amount for you.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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