Big Dreams

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Dreams are wonderful, dreams get us feeling alive and they can
ignite an enthusiasm and magical feelings in us. Children are
amazing at allowing their imaginations run wild and can much more
easily slip into this way of thinking because fantasy and reality are
still being worked out and understood.

Adults however can get very stuck in the reality of day to day life,
and generally find, have a harder time slipping into imagination and
thoughts of no limits (which is totally understandable as we are
responsible for all the challenges of day to day life, which can make
it harder to find thoughts of freedom and open possibilities).

To try and get children and adults to step into focusing on their
dreams and goals, there is a technique called the Magic Wand
question. And it goes something like this-If I had a magic wand and
was able to wave it around for your, send a bust of glitter and
sparkles into the air and also in that moment, solve all the
problems and bring all the things you wanted into existence, what
would it look like for you? What would be different in your life, what
would you be doing and how would you be feeling?

This question helps us to shift our focus on the problems and
challenges and all the reasons why we may feel stuck and get us to
totally focus on that life that we want.

Once we allow our imaginations to dream this future that we, the
next question is to then focus on what is one small thing we can do
to help being that dream into a reality?

Because having that big picture dream is the first part of having it
come true. Then it becomes easier to think about the smaller steps
that needs to happen for you to have this dream come true and
begin to take action on them.

But first, let yourself dream, open your mind up to magical thinking
every now, because many dreams we can make come true.

So let me know if you can try this exercise-I know it’s something
that has taken practice for myself to do-and if you want, let me
know what was revealed to you!


Magic Wand Question

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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