Two Steps

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Today I wanted to give you a very quick summary of just TWO steps
that will help you with a common problem or challenge I frequently
hear. And that is-“how do I help my child with their emotions?”
So whilst is a very big, broad and individual question, but I thought I
would give you two things that will help you along with this.
1)The first step is understanding WHAT emotions are and HOW
these are experienced and COMMUNICATED for your child.
Remember that emotions are experienced as PHYSICAL
sensations in the body, but that they are also a THOUGHT process
that occurs in our minds, which is further articulated through our use
of language.
So particularly for younger children and children with autism, there
can be a couple of additional challenges with emotions because of
they way they may be perceiving their emotions physically (due to a
different sensory profile) and differently to how we would expect.
And in addition to this, they may not have the skills or knowledge on
how they can give this feeling a label and then express it verbally
-and this could be further hampered due to challenges finding
words for feelings and or expressive language delays).
The second step is to then help them with linking these emotions
onto the correct facial expression or word for what it is they are
feeling. You can do this via the use of visuals, prompts and
supportive parenting to assist them make the link between their
feelings and a label for these feelings. This process of naming and
labelling our emotions in turn helps to reduce the intensity and
return to a calmer state more easily.
So I hope that these two steps helps you to understand and help
your child with their emotions.


How do I help my child with their emotions?

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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