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Music is a powerful creator of emotion, memory and movement. It
has the ability to transpire us to exact moments in time or a period
of time. It also operates on an unconscious level as well, in that we
may be unaware of memories associated with a song until we hear
I have that happen in my yoga infusion class, where if I hear the
tracks that we do our ab workout to, my body remembers
immediately!-not necessarily fondly!
Recently I was asked to pick a song that could be an anthem for
this year. Although I have so many music loves, I picked a song
that had been recently resonating with me, just because it was a
new song I was enjoying. It does not have profound lyrics, it’s not
by one of my favourite music artists, BUT it does remind me of
warm summer evenings of being carefree and unwinding. And now
it is winter and this feeling is needed more than ever! So Harry
Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar’ is playing as I write!
I love how a favourite song has the power to shift your mood,
encourage you to move your body-all the things that creates a
release of that feel good brain chemical dopamine. Getting more of
this is a positive move for our mental health and wellbeing and a
way to prevent and assist with depression.
So what song gets you moving and what song creates a happy
grove for you, or ignites memories that are great to relive?

Make sure you get some music in your day today and sing along if
the mood takes you!

Kate x

Feel Good Music

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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