Guide Them

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‘A really good guide has walked the journey before, knows the
bumps and turns in the road and pitfalls along the way and can
point out the best views to keep your eyes open for.’

Today I turned my mind to the autism journey and how I might be
able to share my knowledge of the this journey for people that have
not walked it before, or are maybe at the beginning of this road.
This journey is personal, sacred and unique. It does not even travel
along the same path each time, it does not cover the same terrain
or even have the same destination for each individual or family.

Although my perspective of this journey, will be different to yours,
particularly because I’ve not walked it in the same way you may
have. My experience is that of an observer and supporter. My
knowledge comes from you, because I have years of experience
witnessing the journey and walking along side others with them on
their journey.

I’ve been able to take note of what others have seen, heard, felt,
and experienced. I’ve listened to the fears, I’ve seen the concern
and I’ve seen the relief and joy when all the amazing parts of the
journey becomes clear. I am able to take those collective insights
and memories with my own reflections, to help others along their

My hope is that I will always be mindful that the journey is always
only yours to travel, but that it’s ok to not want to do it totally alone
and it’s ok to ask for advice or suggestions along the way and it’s
actually clever to take some guidance along the way.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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