Ocean Dreaming

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Bliss is reading a book, (uninterrupted) that is engaging and
inspiring. It’s reading that book with the sound of the ocean softly
making the noises that oceans do in the background. It’s being able
to dig my toes into the soft sand and notice the feel of it against my

It’s being able to take a short break from reading, take a deep
breath of clean air in through the lungs and let my eyes drink in the
view of the expanse of blue water, blue skies and sand.

It’s having no time pressures or agenda and it’s being able to
marvel at the sheer expanse and enormity of nature and it’s
amazing display of colour and calm.

These moments are cherished and missed, especially this winter
when the little slice of bliss is usually sought and found, but luckily
there are other ways it can be found (while I plan future trips to the
warm beach…).

It can be found in small moments of reading, sitting in the winter
sun with face held to its rays, in ocean sounds on my Spotify
playlist, in remembering and looking at photos of previous trips and
sitting on the riverbanks of our own Murray River.

It comes down to relaxation, self care and taking time to just
appreciate what is here.

Hope you can find your own bliss moments today as I share this
one with you.

A good book on the beach is pure bliss

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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