Loves of my life




To pick one love of my life seems so absolute, and I’m a person that
generally embraces all the shades of grey. But if I have to state
something that is absolutely, unequivocally the love of my life. It would
be my children. When I was a young woman, it was very clear to me
that I had a strong desire to be a mother, and that when I became a
parent, I was going to do whatever it took to become the best mother I
could be.
This has meant sacrifice and it has meant having a commitment to
always learning, always trying to be better. But I have to say, with three daughters -one a teenager, one a tween and one that is eight, most days I feel it’s working out fairly well.
That’s not so say there are not days when I want to yell (WT actual F?!),
but most of the time I hold those thoughts inside, take a deep breath
and remember how amazing they are much of the time! I remember
that they are growing up to be their own person, learning about
friendship and love themselves. And that no matter what mistakes they
make, no matter how old they become, I will always love them. And I
hope that they carry this love inside them throughout their own life, like I
do from my own parents.
My love for my children also carries through to the values that follow me
into my work with the kids and teens that I work with-in that I really
believe that all children deserve that kind of unwavering belief in them.
And that if they have this conviction that they are loved for just being
themselves through and through, then there is nothing that they cannot
get through, there is nothing that is so bad that they can’t share it and
nothing that you cannot accomplish with the support of your family and
those that care about you. It’s that conviction that allows me to provide
acceptance, empathy and support in all that I do. And from this very
safe space, it can allow them to feel understood and able to form a
connection and relationship, upon which lots of great self development
and new skills and accomplishments can be built.
So the the loves of my life (my girls), allow me to feel filled with a joy,
that flows my cup over, to allows me to easily work with other young
people in a truly caring and compassionate way.

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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