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Donate to causes such as Light up the Night-Lukemia Foundation as it has
affected those who are close to me. I’ve also supported RCH Butterfly
House, which is the intensive care wing in the Royal Children’s Hospital,
where my nephew was born and care for across his 45 days of living with us.
I also like to give to a charity called Rio’s Legacy which raises money for
hospices which is a home for terminally ill children and their families to live.

Currently there is only two in Australia and they aim to raise money to have
one in each state. This hits home because of how important this can be at
end of life and I personally know the parents that set this up in Sydney. And
in my family’s case when my nephew was at the end of his life, we were
fortunate that there they had a home in Melbourne they could live in for the
last few days just to not be in a hospital environment and allow my sister and
brother-in-law to be with their son, give him a bath and get some beautiful
photos of the twins together. Most other families are unable to have that
experience as there is no such hospice in Melbourne and most of the other

I’ve also recently become aware of and supported efforts for Making Waves
for PCD-for awareness and equipment for PCD-a rare lung and respiratory
disease that affects two local familes.

Causes that affect people that I know personally .

Sponsored a child for years, which in effect is a donation to the projects in a
particular area-World Vision.
Giving is the best forms of happiness creation, without expectation of getting
anything back except good feels!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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