Chilling out is important for our bodies and brains. We need to have a
balance of working our minds and bodies enough to feel like we have
achieved and enough relaxation time to allow us to recharge and to feel like
we have pleasure and fun in our lives. This year for many may have been
challenging to find ways of doing this, with some of the common ways that
people chill out having been impinged upon by restrictions on socialising and
travel. But chilling out at home by doing things that you find relaxing is
especially important when we are under extra stress. I know in our house
that watching a movie together as a family is seen as a lovely way to chill
out. I know that for a few of us at home, getting into drawing or art is a
wonderful way to just chill. I can also see my kids often head outside just to
sit on the monkey bars, or get into the yoga hammock we have, talk quietly
to a dog or cat and just chill outside in nature. When I was younger I
certainly took opportunity to chill by reading a book (or two or three). And
doing that is still something that I would choose to do as my own quiet chill
out time. I also love time watching a movie with my children, even if I’ve seen
it, as I love the cuddles and watching their faces as they enjoy the excitement and emotion. I think for lots of people, and I certainly know it for
me, that changing our environment will often help with chilling out. I know
that going somewhere different, whether down the river or to someone else’s
home, that I find it easier to chill out. At home there can be many
distractions (think work, housework!) that might call you away from just
chilling. But if we are out and enjoying nature, it can be much easier.


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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