Short Hair or Long Hair



In primary and all through high school I had long hair. Really, really long hair.
Which I loved, until it became too much of a burden and also associated with
being really young. And I already looked really, really young…..

So I chopped and layered it once I got to university and I found I had a fair
bit of curl in my hair, which only got curlier as I’ve gotten older. So now I
have it just long enough to leave out and not get too much in the way
(because for parenting babies, I really needed to be able to have my hair out
of my face!) and long enough to tie back and up.

I now frequently straighten it to reduce the volume of it and sometimes I just
scrunch it and let it dry naturally to let the curl out.

It’s really interesting to see my girls hair as they have all gotten my thick hair
and I’ve begun to see the love hate relationship that comes with having this
kind of hair. I’m hoping that they will soon come to love what they have.
How about you, do you like your hair long or short or do you not really even
think about it?

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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