What have you had to overcome?


What have you had to overcome? I’ve had many privileges in my life including my supportive loving family, enjoying school and learning, that led to being able to leave home to move to the city, enter into university straight after high-school, train as a psychologist, then work in great organisations, meet great colleagues (some whom became great friends) and then find amazing mentors that have encouraged me to dream big and keep growing. I’ve had a supportive family, friends and partner that have also allowed these things to be possible.

Unlike many, many individuals I’ve met along the way, my obstacles have not been as numerous or as challenging. And although there have been obstacles, mine have been modest. Knowing the massive challenges that many amazing humans have had to overcome, only sharpens my gratitude for the fortune in my life and for the work I get to do with others.

What I have noticed over time though is that no matter what obstacle we are trying to get over, if we can develop a strong mindset, can defeat the anxious, short-sighted thoughts and beliefs that often arise, then there is nothing we cannot overcome.

So if you are faced with obstacles, firstly choose your support wisely. Invite those that will lift you up and cheer you on to come closer to you and be in your life. Also take a look at your own mindset, your beliefs and self-talk and develop those that will strengthen your optimism and resolve.

When you can do these two things there will be nothing you cannot overcome.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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