What’s your story?



My story is one of those that listens to others’ stories. That I get to
witness to the ups and downs, that I can provide a space for reflection
and acceptance for those that choose me.
This part of my story began when I decided in Year 11, that I didn’t want
my then hobby of drawing to become moulded into a graphic design
career (that would mean my pleasurable escapism would need to
become my means for earning an income).
In that moment, I felt I would not be able to love my art any longer and I
decided that I was not passionate enough to pursue an education and
then job this highly competitive field.
My attention turned then to working with people and psychology looked
fascinating. And luckily I was quite naive to how competitive becoming
a clinical psychologist would be until after I had gotten into my first
psychology degree.
And although once I realised this, I had fallen completely in love with
this profession and I knew that I wanted it regardless of hard hard it
would be to achieve.
And I knew I would achieve it, I was totally convinced that despite the
competition, all the other excellent students around me, that I would get
the grades to get into the highly competitive Honours and then into one
of the few coveted places in the Masters of Psychology (Clinical).
Having conviction of thought and doing all you can to bring dreams to
reality, takes a mental attitude where we won’t accept an alternative
And for someone who encourages flexibility of thought and knowing
how important it is to have a plan B in case plan A does not work,
having determination, conviction and a total focus when it comes to
your dreams I’ve learnt is actually really, really important.
So focus on what it is you really, really want and don’t accept anything
less.Because the story is yours alone to write…..

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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