I’m someone who naturally looks on the bright side of things, a trait that most of the time can be very good, as I tend not to get depressed or deflated easily (or for too long). ⁣

The only time that I find this tendency to look on the bright side is a drawback is when I’m listening to my children (mainly), I want to head into problem solving mode too quickly! When I do this, I’m aware that this can be felt as very dismissive and probably heading into the area of ‘toxic positivity’! ⁣

So I’m very aware of this tendency and to combat it I try to sit with the distress, anger, complaints etc as they come and just accept all the emotions (STEP 1 OF BEING A GOOD EMOTION COACH!), without trying to change these feelings into anything else.⁣

And while I don’t always succeed, I know when I do this, my children find their own way to a brighter side on their own.⁣

Being on the bright side also has great meaning for the work that I do, especially as the partnership between myself and Danielle has been coined Bright Side Learning and Therapy as it’s a joining of both our businesses (Bright Futures Mildura and Side by Side Psychology).⁣

Speaking of which, I think I should also let you know that we have a great line up of groups commencing in September and October 2020!⁣

In the September school holidays-we have two Minecraft themed social emotional groups beginning on the 28th September which run for the week, which suit children ranging from Prep all the way through to Grade 6.⁣

Then in Term 2 on the 12th October, we are running for the first time, the Westmead Feelings Program, an autism specific program for children aged 6-8 years.⁣

And in addition to this, I also have my own online parent coaching group GLIMMER, the Autism Journey beginning next week on the 7th September. And in here we will talk about how to support your children and some ways to develop positivity and how to learn about emotion coaching further.⁣⁣

Reach out if you, or anyone you know might be interested in these programs, to find out more about how to apply, or to be involved!⁣

Wishing you an amazing last day of WINTER and I look forward to welcoming SPRING with you tomorrow!⁣

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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