Clean Slate



How awesome is the beginning of something new and fresh like the beginnings of a new month but also the beginnings of Spring! ⁣
For me, I love the warmth, so the change of Seasons into the warmer months of the year fills me with freshness and optimism and joy. It also means we are a few steps closer to hopefully having our current social restrictions being eased slightly (fingers crossed).⁣

Having a new slate or a new beginning is like getting to the first page of a new book you can’t wait to read, or a new Netflix/Stan/Disney series season you’ve been hanging out to watch. There is anticipation and excitement as well as nervousness that it won’t be as good as you hope it will be.⁣

However not everyone sees a clean slate as a good thing, or are even able to see new beginnings easily. For many, change, transitions and new beginnings can bring up new things we need to navigate-even with something as seemingly simple as a new Season. ⁣

But I know that a new Season brings the possibility of getting used to new clothes (as bodies grow and the weather warms), new routines- as changes the in the daylight begin to impact bedtime routine and sleep, and in our situation, new changes to schooling routine as we hope to transition back to school (in Term 3), just to mention a few. ⁣

It’s a common experience that navigating change and beginnings is not always easy, which is why it is really important that we have support at these times. ⁣

However, if you are keen to embrace this new Season, can visualise that we have the opportunity for a clean slate and are open to growth and optimism, then you might be ready to join me in my new parent coaching program that begins next week! ⁣

This is best suited for families that are newer to being involved in the autism ‘world’ and would like to view their future with hope, feelings of support and a plan.⁣

If you think this describes you, please feel free to learn more. ⁣

Wishing you a wonderful first day of Spring!⁣

Kate ⁣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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