Who would you interview?



When I have my own podcast, I’d love to interview all the great names in the autism space including our very own Australian experts in autism Dr Tony Atwood and Michelle Garnett, that I’m lucky I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of times over the years.

I’m currently reading a great book by Dr Barry Prizant who seems to have a met many of the famous and amazing minds in the autism arena, such as Temple Grandin, Carol Gray, Stephen Shore and Steve Silberman.

Each of these would be wonderful to interview, but I’d also be keen to interview more women in the autism space that are beginning to be heard from more and more such as: Jennifer Cooke O’Toole, Hannah Gadsby, The Girl with the Curly Hair, Michelle Garcia-Winner.

And in the Australian space again Chloe Hayden-Princess Aspien, has been doing some great work on her own, but also in conjuction with the Yellow Lady Bugs. Another cool Australians is Yen Purkis-who has some great books already published (on mental health, autism and resilience) and has more on the way on autism and gender diversity.

And I love hearing the story about Chris Varney, who is inspirational for what he has done in creating the I CAN Network which is where his organises adult autistics mentoring tween and teens and young adults, so they grow up being mentored and supported by others on the Spectrum.

I’m really interested in learning more about play therapy and autism and so interviewing Jason Grant wold be great (as he has developed AUTPlay).

And the last name that comes to mind just off the top of my head, would be interviewing Martin Seligman (‘father’ of positive psychology movement) as his viewpoint on life is just uplifting.

So these are just some of the names that have interested and affected my journey so far that would be fascinating to talk to, but I’m sure there are many more out there that would also be wonderful to speak with and to learn from.

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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